• Minimal PC configuration ?

Not all FPV pilots have a recent $2000 gaming rig !
So the game was developed to run fine on any relatively recent PC with a dedicated graphics card.
In low settings, it runs fine (60+ FPS) on a 2013 GTX 760 (2go, ~200$ at the time).
Some maps are heavier than others, and think about lowering the graphics settings if you go below 60 FPS.

  • Are DJI FPV Radio Controllers compatible ?

They work perfectly with the game.

  • Witch Blackbox File should i use ?

Use a btfl_00x.bbl file corresponding to one full flight. (one LiPo). See the full guide here.

Simply try another one if you are not happy !
It’s best to have a good run without crashes or wind. Ideally :

  • Full-Pack
  • No crashes
  • No wind
  • Diversity of moves : fast and slow turns, flips, hover, high-speed, some punch-out, some diving, etc.

tldr : one log for one flight, and keep the crashes for the simulation, not the log file ;)

  • How To Get More Models, Tracks and Sceneries ?

Go to the Steam Workshop page. Subscribe to items you want in the game. Profit.

  • Does my Radio Controller Works ?

Any controller recognized in Windows should works.
But it’s best to have 4 analog axes with 3 self-centered.
Console gamepads works, but the self-centered left stick and low stick precision control make it hard to control well-powered quadcopters in acrobatic mode, compared to real radios.
You still can use them eg. to control Whoops in stabilized mode, or a low power-to-weight quadcopter.

  • How to fix OpenTX radios not recognized in windows ?

Simply update your radio to the latest OpenTX , witch resolves the driver issue in windows. ( Youtube Tutorial ) Then if it still doesn’t works, verify that your radio are in Joystick mode and note SD Card mode.

  • My Radio still doesn’t works because i can’t update OpenTX

There is another solution, witch is harder, and you will need to do it each time Windows Update mess with the driver.
It consist of manually forcing windows to use the correct driver : Youtube Tutorial

  • Could i share a quad model with my friends ?

The easiest way is to share to Steam Workshop from the game.

You can also share privately a model with a friend :
Simply send the corresponding file in ** \AIDroneSim\RealFPV_proto2\Models\ ** to your friend, who can copy it in the same folder. The new model will be automatically listed in the models list. To find you game folder simply do this : Steam game folder

  • Could i share an editable track ?

The easiest way is to share to Steam Workshop from the game.

You can also share privately with a friend :
Simply share the corresponding file in ** \AIDroneSim\RealFPV_proto2\EditableTracks\ ** to your friend, who can copy it in the same folder. Then launch the game and it will appears as a track.

  • A Mac version ?

Not Yet.

  • Could i manually adjust the model ?

Yes ! The pilot is the expert and he is in total control.
Machine Learning is great but not perfect, especially with a 3 minutes run and complex aerodynamics ! Model extraction from blackbox produce a baseline model, but everything can be manually adjusted after. Even earth gravity !

  • How to set up blackbox logging on the quad ?

Accelerometer should be on, else extraction cannot works.
Logging frequency of 500Hz is best : extraction will only be longer with higher frequencies without any gains.
No need for any DEBUG settings.
See the full guide here.

  • Radio modes supported ?

Mode 2. Mode 4. Mode 3. Mode 1. anything ! You can even use different controllers for different axes, if you wish. Configuration is fast and easy, done axis by axis.

  • How to setup up my Taranis/OpenTX radio for the game ?

Update your Radio to the the latest version of OpenTX
Then if it does not works, set on the radio the USB link in Joystick Mode, and it should works. OpenTX Joystick Setting

To preserve your battery and prevent unneeded RF signal, it’s best to create a model dedicated to sim where you turn OFF radio.